Dışişleri Bakanlığı, Rusya'da Bir ABD Vatandaşının Tutuklandığını Açıkladı

Russia Says It Intercepted a Ukrainian Drone Near Moscow

Russia’s Defense Ministry said early Friday that it had shot down a drone aimed at the Moscow region, saying Ukraine was behind the latest such attack near the Russian capital.

The strike, which could not be independently confirmed, would be the second attempted drone attack in the capital region in less than a week. On Monday, an intercepted drone attack in central Moscow that Russia also blamed on Ukraine damaged at least two nonresidential buildings. Ukraine did not comment on the claims.

The Russian defense ministry said that Friday’s attempted strike caused no casualties or damage. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is in St. Petersburg, about 400 miles away, hosting African leaders at a summit.

Several drone attacks of differing magnitudes have targeted Moscow since May, bringing the conflict home to people who had largely been sheltered from the effects of the war being waged by Mr. Putin hundreds of miles away.

Moscow said the strike on Monday was intercepted near an avenue running through one of the city’s most upscale parts, and close to a building housing the Russian National Defense Management Center. Videos verified by The New York Times showed damage in at least two locations near the Moskva River in the southern part of the city.